‘Must-eat’ foods – at least weekly once!

‘Must-eat’ foods – at least weekly once!
‘Must-eat’ foods – at least weekly once!

One of the fundamental requisites of the human being is food. Over a period of many decades, we have changed our priorities in the habit of food also. In the name of fashion, we tend to give more importance to our taste buds than to good and healthy food. As a consequence of this, we have been constantly facing one ailment or the other during our lifetime. Diseases have become aplenty on a par with the number of junk food varieties. 

In addition to this, we indulge in excess eating or lack balanced diet as a result of which diseases like diabetics, obesity, heart ailment etc. attack us. Medical experts opine that people should become more aware of different foods, their properties, quantity to be consumed and other related aspects so that we can take the right food and keep ourselves as fit as possible. In the following essay, let us learn more about the ‘must-eat’ foods which are ten in number, at least once a week.

Yogurt is a panacea for all irrespective of age, gender and health condition. Milk contains calcium and yogurt are nothing but fermented milk.  Instead of raw curd, we can take yogurt daily in order to gain calcium, prosperous, potassium, zinc, riboflavin and vitamin B-12 including nutrition. We can take yogurt anytime during the day and it will help us get 100 calories. Vitamin D is also rich in this drink.

Flak Seeds:-
These tiny seeds possess great benefits. It consists of Omega-3 fatty acid and poly -unsaturated fat. It also contains fiber. It will be nutty with the earthy smell and hence children might dislike taking these seeds raw. Therefore, it can be mixed with oats, curd, salad or sandwich so that no difference can be noticed.

Protein is basically needed for healthy growth and egg contains the same in abundance. This can be taken along with any food or in boiled form or as an omelet. An egg can be taken daily so as to gain protein, omega-3  fatty acid. This will promote general well-being.

Antioxidants, protein, fiber, B-complex, carbohydrate and vitamins are available in beans. Apart from these, it contains many minerals such as iron, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium and copper. Beans address the lack of protein content in the body and promote general health.

All nuts invariably contain significant vitamins and minerals. Also, it contains monounsaturated fatty acid which will increase the good cholesterol (HDL).A minimum of 10 gms of nuts must be taken so that they would help us avoid heart disease, block in blood circulation, paralysis etc.

White Pumpkin Seeds:-
White pumpkin seeds are as valuable as white pumpkin itself. Particularly, white pumpkin seeds contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Hence, it would be better that we include this in the ‘must’ category and eat. The seeds can be dried, powdered or taken raw along with our food.

It would be ideal to start a day with a cup of orange juice because it is one fruit in the citrus variety that assures all good values. It gives energy and makes digestion easier. The antioxidants present in this will remove the toxic elements from our body. This can be taken either as a fruit or juice.

Sweet Potato:-
Sweet Potato possesses the by-products of vitamin A, i.e. alpha, beta and carotene which are highly helpful for eyes and strong bones and muscles. This can be taken raw or in a boiled form or as roasted chips.

Berry Fruits:-
Berry kinds of fruits like strawberry generally contain a lot of fiber content. This will mainly help those who are on diet to supplement their dietary nutrients. Ideally, a few berry fruits can be added to morning food for the good of general health.

Spinach(Keerai) :-
Keerai is cheap and best. It contains little quantum of vitamin A and C but the great amount of vitamin K. Besides this, the requisite minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E are enormous. We must take one keerai a day or alternatively, twice a week without fail. We can add garlic with keerai while cooking so that it would also contribute its medicinal value to us.

The above-stated ten foods are bound to enrich one’s health and general well -being.

(This article originally written by G Lakshmanan has been reproduced in English by P.S.Ramamurthy)