Immense benefits of high fibre foods-Protects against Heart diseases,Cancer and increases life span

Immense benefits of high fibre foods-Protects against Heart diseases,Cancer and increases life span
Immense benefits of high fibre foods-Protects against Heart diseases,Cancer and increases life span

The modern day ‘Fast Food Culture’ has literally blinded us in terms of the significance of our traditional food culture. Particularly, people in cities hardly know the distinction between good and bad food. Majority of people are not aware of the balanced diet and values of good food like high fibre foods for our health and longevity of life. Indeed, the high fibre foods prevent many diseases from attacking us and also promoting our healthy life against any odd for that matter. The various benefits of these high fibre foods are analysed below.

Reduces excess weight:-

30 gms of fibre food is adequate enough to reduce one’s excess weight; no other diet restriction is necessary according to one research. Frequent feeling of hunger will be controlled. The fibre content will blend with fat and glucose and reduce the unwanted calories while travelling through our food pipe. Thus it will protect our well-being.

Controls sugar level in the body:-

Minimum 25 gms fibre content in our food would easily control the sugar level in our body. It will enable right level of insulin secretion and keep the sugar level appropriately. Simultaneously, it will take care of one’s body weight.

Protects heart:-

Daily intake of 10 gms. fibre in our food will help us get rid of 10% heart-related disease, for, it reduces the fat content and facilitates proper blood circulation throughout our body.

Can say ‘NO’ to cancer:-

10gm of fibre in our food is capable of avoiding 10% of liver cancer and 5% of breast cancer in our body. Basically, the fibre contains the necessary antioxidants and phytochemical that would help us avoid cancer.

Increases longevity:-

Our daily food should contain roughly 19% fibre and 17% protein related contents. If we are able to consume in this proportion daily, it will enable us avoid many diseases that we may be prone to, otherwise. It will increase our longevity also with good health as well.

Natural remedy for constipation:

Fibre content food would give strength to the intestine which is essential before one gets constipation. The cellulose that is present in this would absorb the water from the food as a result of which the stools would find easy to get eliminated from the body. If this does not happen the stools would be hardened resulting in constipation.

Kills germs and virus:-

The fibre content will also kill the germs and virus that may be present in our digestive organs. The antioxidants in this will protect us against any possible attack from these and it will also strengthen our bones.

How much of fibre is available in each food?

(in a small cup full of food)

Pulses varieties 7.5 – 9 gms

Rajma/Kidney beans 8.2 gm

Green peas 6.7 gm

Barley/Kollu 4 gm

Spinach 3.5 gm

Avocado 11 gm

Dry grapes 5.4 gm

Fig 3.6 gm

Wheat rava 4.1 gm

Apple 3.5 gm

Orange 3.1 gm

Pear Fruit 4.4 gm

Pumpkin 2.7 gm


Let us appreciate the value of fibre that is available in different food and fruits that we take. A conscious consumption of this fibre is bound to benefit us greatly in terms of long life with good heath.

(This article written in Tamil by Sudharshan Gandhi has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)