Six foods that would keep our body trim

Six foods that would keep our body trim
Six foods that would keep our body trim

Six foods that would keep our body trim

There are innumerable advertisements day in and day out in almost all channels and in print media for doing away with obesity and excess tummy. Some advertisements ask you to wear a belt to reduce the weight and some force you to join a gym to reduce the bulge by doing treadmill exercise. Some advertisements would continue to pester you by asking you to just give a missed call – only to be disappointed at the end. Instead of going into the veracity and efficacy of these advertisements, it would be better to rely on our natural foods and fruits which will certainly help us shed the excess weight over a period of time. There are numerous sweets made of ghee and sugar wherein the carbohydrate and calories are huge that will add more weight. But at the same time, there are some foods which will really help us keep our body trim without any side effect or loss of energy. In the foregoing account, let us analyse six specific foods that will serve this purpose (weight reduction & flattening the tummy).

Ragi Dosa:-
Ragi contains tryptophan amino acid which will control our hunger. The fibre content available in this ragi together with water will make us feel content. We will not have the craving for eating. Carbohydrate is less and fibre is more in this and hence this will not add on more weight to our body. This will further reduce the fat and keep the blood circulation in order, besides controlling mental depression. Additionally, the iron, calcium and the protein contents in the Ragi will strengthen the bones. Hence, as a different dosa variety, ragi dosai can be prepared and eaten to reap the above-cited benefits.

Surprisingly, rajma dish contains all benefits that a non-vegetarian item can claim and hence those (vegetarians) who feel they are deprived of the health benefits of non-vegetarian food need not regret at all. They can get everything from rajma itself. Beans and slim beans also have the same qualities as that of the rajma. One can make delicious gravy with this and take it along with chappathies . Rajma contains nothing but protein and fibre content and the antioxidants that are available in this are very valuable for our general health.

Oats Iddly:-
Just like dosai, iddlies contain lot of carbohydrates and the rice flour available in this has plenty of calories. But the oats idly has minimum calories. Both protein and fibre content are aplenty in this oats idly. The beta-glucan, rich in oats idly will reduce the fat content. Plus it will reduce the insulin and blood pressure also as a result of which we will feel brisk and active. Moreover, as the oats iddlies are being boiled, the essential ingredients in this will stay intact. 

Multi-grain bread:-
Wheat, corn and payaru are the basic ingredients for making the multi-grain bread. This contains high proteins and vitamins with least calories. This will increase the immunity level against diseases and will promote the general health.

Dhal varieties:-
Dhal is one of the fundamental items that is cooked and consumed by us. For most of us, cooking will be incomplete without dhal . At least for four days a week, dhal is being used in different forms such as sambar, chutney, vadai etc. Calories are minimal and protein is more in this. In addition to this, it has iron, potassium etc. Some people will add ghee with this which would increase one’s body weight. Hence, dhal without ghee would be very useful for healthy food.

Dhokla is a different dish to taste. All kinds of sprouted varieties can be ground to become like a paste which should be further boiled and added with green chilies, coriander leaves, onion and curry leaves fried in oil. Dhokla has enough protein, fibre, vitamin, calcium magnesium and potassium. This will take care of blood pressure and ensure uniform blood circulation. This will also reduce obesity and make the body slim.

The secret of robust health lies in these foods that give us super fibre content with the absence of calories and enough of physical exercise including walking.

(This article written in Tamil by Sudharsan Gandhi has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)

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