The school students of Tamenglong district in Manipur are going to have special time every friday from now on. Tamenglong Deputy Commissioner Armstrong  Pame's recent announcement would be the perfect reason for that.  He has announced that every friday, ten school students will be invited to Deputy Commissioner office over dinner. Also, the school students will be taken to observe the happenings in the office post lunch. As soon as this announcement came,  it has been circulating in social media.  We spoke to this enthusiastic IAS officer to know about his new initiative. 

"It has been just a month since I took charge as Deputy Commissioner. I am happy that I got posted in my hometown. During childhood days, I used to pass  this DC office wondering  what is happening inside. I even used to dream how would people work inside and how the environment would be. I think this is the starting point of my IAS career.  I cleared my UPSC exam  and became IAS in 2009", he tells proudly. However, he says all credits goes to his father Haitung Pame.

"My father is a primary school teacher. He is an interesting man.  I have six siblings and he made sure that  all of us get access to good education. In fact, do you know how I got this name 'Armstrong'? My father was very fond of  American astronaut Neil Armstrong.  So, he named me Armstrong", he laughs. Not only he got this name interestingly, but also he had another unique name ' Miracle man'. Yes! his work was remarkable as equal as a miracle. There wasn't proper road stretch from Manipur to Assam and Nagaland. Armstrong Pame made sure this issue shouldn't affect people of Manipur anymore. In 2012, he put his own money of five lakhs to initiate this project. With the help of good-hearted friends and funding that he got from social media, he successfully built100 kilometre road! For this remarkable work, he is fondly called as 'Miracle Man'. 

Talking about his new initative, "Yes, I wanted school students to know more about government functioning. I have many friends who are professionals like doctors, engineers. I am planning to make them interact with school students through skype. I would like to make best use of technology too," he signs off. So, we can expect more professionals from this IAS officer's hometown in the future.

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