Fourteen seeds umpteen benefits

Fourteen seeds umpteen benefits
Fourteen seeds umpteen benefits

Fourteen seeds umpteen benefits

Importance of Seeds:-

Although we may use different types of vegetables and fruits in our daily food, little do we know the importance and value of seeds in them as a consequence of which we simply throw them in the dust bin. The seeds can be cooked, fried or even eaten raw and they have immense value to our various organs of our body. For want of knowledge regarding its utility, we neglect them without even a second thought. Moreover, it does not cost at all as it comes with the vegetable or the fruit. The renowned Siddha medicine practitioner Dr.Ramesh highlights the nature, importance and scope of 14 seeds that we come across in our daily food in one way or the other. In addition to their importance, Dr.Ramesh enlightens us on the way it can be taken by us in order to ensure that at least from now on, the seeds will be put to its maximum use.

Cucumber Seeds:-

The seed can be eaten either with the fruit itself or by cooking. It contains fibre content, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and antioxidants. Dryness of skin will vanish and skin will glow. This will help in the growth of hair; prevent cancer by increasing the immunity strength in the body.

Sabja Seeds:-

Sabja seeds are required to be soaked in water before use. This contains zinc, sulphur, antioxidant, vitamin A, B and C. This will reduce acidity and body heat. This will also heal the ulcer in the digestive system; cure constipation; strengthen the immunity system and eliminate anaemia.

Grapes seeds:-

The seeds in the grapes can very well be taken along with the fruit. This contains vitamin E, linoleic acid and polyphenol that will detoxify our body in general and revitalize our body organs. This will kill cancerous cells and protect us from heart disease also. The iron content in this will help in reducing blood pressure and expand the blood vessels, thus preventing anaemia. Finally, this will reduce the cholesterol level in our blood.

Water melon seeds:-

After removing the outer skin the seeds can be dried and fried in ghee; then can be mixed with pepper and salt for use with meal. Potasium, iron, vitamin B and protein are present in this seed. This takes care of our digestive and nervous systems.

Drumstick Seeds:-

This seed has multiple uses. The seeds can be dried, powdered and taken with milk. Otherwise, this can be taken along with the meal also. Antioxidants, zinc, vitamin A, C and B-complex are plenty in this. This will reduce fat; control generation of cancerous cells, strengthen the heart, remove anaemia and add strength to the bones. Above all, if it is dried in ghee, powdered and taken with hot milk, it will greatly improve and increase the sperm count in men.

Sesame Seeds:-

Either as gingili oil or the powdered form of sesame can be taken. This has magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, vitamin B, zinc and fibre. This will control high blood pressure, liver and also protect us from skin problems. This will keep our body temperature in balance.

Bottle gourd seeds:-

The seeds in this can be dried in hot sun, outer skin can be peeled off and then the pulp in that can be powdered and taken with meal. Vitamin B, iron, calcium, phosphorous and proteins are aplenty in this. This will take care of urological problems and reduce acidity. It will also subside body temperature as well as prevent diarrhoea.

Nayuruvi Seeds:-

This seed consists of antioxidant, zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin D etc. This can be taken in powder form with water, milk or honey. This will prevent piles; increase the power of the brain, help one to reduce excess weight and add energy to the body.

Sunflower Seeds:-

The seeds are normally used as cooking oils. However, this can be taken raw as it will be tasty. Niacin, vitamin E, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and magnesium are also present. Particularly, niacin will reduce bad cholesterol. It will strengthen the immunity level in our body. 

Pumpkin Seeds:-

These seeds can be dried in warm weather and then powdered for use. Protein and acidic acid are more in this. Vitamin B, thiamine and niacin are also present. Stones that may occur in kidneys will be prevented by this. It will also reduce mental stress and eliminate the worms.

Peepal/Arasa seeds:-

The seeds can be powdered and taken. This contains vitamin B, antioxidant, iron, zinc, magnesium etc. Sperm count for men will be increased. Infertility will be cured and immunity will be increased.

Flax Seeds:-

Flax seeds can be fried in low heat and taken; can be taken as oil also. The powder form can be taken with water or curd or juice or with any other food also. Protein, fibre, calcium, phosphorous and iron are present in this seed. It will reduce blood pressure. It is a sure remedy for weight reduction. The Omega-3 will prevent fat deposits over the blood vessels as a result of which heart ailments can very well be prevented. Since antioxidants are abundantly available in this, it will protect us from the attack of prostate cancer, breast cancer and stroke. Daily intake of this will prevent cancer; reduce joint pain and will add glow to our hair and body.

Pomegranate Seeds:-

This fruit is full of seeds which contain vitamin C, fibre, potassium and abundant antioxidant. These prevent cancer and heart diseases. Oxygen content in the blood will be increased and blood supply will be enhanced. Immunity will also be increased.  

Papaya Seeds:-

The juice of the papaya seeds will remove the toxic elements and worms from the stomach. Digestion will considerably improve. Acidity will be removed. This will reduce the growth of the cancerous cells in the body. These seeds are largely used for detoxification and purification of the liver.

With so much of benefits that are inherently available in the above seeds, it is neither nice nor wise to ignore these seeds under any circumstances.

(This article originally written in Tamil by G Lakshmanan has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy).

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