Home medicines for Deadly fevers

Home medicines for Deadly fevers
Home medicines for Deadly fevers

Fever attacks a person in very many different ways such as normal fever, intermittent fever, continuous fever, fever with rising and subsiding temperature etc. Some types of fever spread by contact through air, contamination; some like liver-based fever and typhoid through bacteria and some like brain fever, malaria, dengue, filariasis through mosquitoes etc. This apart, we have other types of deadly fevers like H1N1, Zika virus and certain newer versions from time to time. The list is rather endless.

In reality, irrespective of any fever, if we start taking medicines from the beginning, it will be possible for us to get cured. There are quite a few home-made natural medicines which will help us protect us against these fevers as under:-


A handful of pepper must be roasted in a Tawa up to spark level. The roasted pepper should be ground firmly and again put on fire for mixing it with two cups of water for repeat boiling. Once the boiled water comes half, it must be allowed to cool and 1/4th of it should be drunk. This can be taken once in three hours. One more time the same pepper can be used for preparing the juice. If it is very sour, little amount of jaggery can be added. This will cure any type of fever.

Curry leaves:-

A handful of curry, ½ Tsp cumin, ¼ Tsp pepper and a small piece of dried ginger should be ground firmly and hot water should be poured and the substance must be filtered. If we add honey with that and take it thrice a day, it will safeguard our health against any fever attack.


Vallarai, Tulasi leaves and pepper should be in handful measure and ground to become a powder. It must then be made small balls and dried in shade. It can be given with warm water to a person who is having the high fever. The fever will gradually subside.


Another common remedy is to grind both Tulasi leaves and ginger and the essence can be taken thrice a day with quarter tumbler warm water to reduce high temperature.

Barley milk:-

Barley can be mixed with rice and boiled for direct consumption. When one suffers from tastelessness, this barley rice will be a boon and a stimulant. Barley rice can be mixed with milk and palm jaggery also for oral consumption.

For bile-related fever, dhania or coriander keerai decoction will be helpful. It can be separately taken as the paste.

Pudhina leaves kashayam is capable of bringing any type of fever under effective control. Pepper, dried ginger, cumin, thodhuvalai(Botanical name- Solanum Trilobatum/Purple fruited pea egg plant ), Tulasi and karpuravalli (Plectranthus amboinicus/Indian Borage)  can be mixed together and boiled with water or milk and this will certainly bring down the temperature immediately.

If the fever is with cold, Ada Thoda (botanical name-Justicia Adathoda )leave essence with honey will be an appropriate remedy.

If the fever is with overall pain, the best way is to fry the dried ginger with honey and water and the thus boiled essence will bring down the temperature with pain relief.

Again, Tulasi leaves with little salt can be boiled and taken in the warm state to bring down the temperature coupled with the severe cold.

Coriander leaves essence will control brain fever. Similarly, three teaspoonful Tulasi essence, two teaspoonful ginger essence and one teaspoonful honey mixture will relieve (3 times a day)one from malarial fever.

Dengue-affected patients can take the essence of papaya leaves raw or with honey so that the blood platelets will increase. In addition to this, new papaya leaves can be ground with water and the filtered juice of 10 ml has to be consumed 4 times a day.

Nilavembu decoction can eradicate the virus that causes dengue. Nilavembu, dried ginger, pepper, parpadakam, vilamichai, sandal, peippudal, koraikizhangu and vetiver should be mixed and boiled in water and the mixture is the remedy for dengue. Dosage is 50 ml. twice a day can be taken. The efficacy of this home-made therapy is well-known that it is made available in Government hospitals for free distribution to the people.

Malaivembu leaves essence is equally powerful for dengue fever. The freshly plucked malaivembu leaves can be mixed with water and ground and the filtered essence can be taken twice or thrice @ 10 ml. each.

Apart from papaya leaves essence, the decoction can also be taken for five days for reducing the fever. If one takes for additional two days, the impact of fever can completely be eliminated. If taking all the three together is difficult, one can take one after another, starting with nilavembu decoction first.

Thus it is clear that there is a definite remedy at our home itself for any type of fever; however, time is of essence. If the above-stated kitchen medicines are taken at the appropriate time, we can undoubtedly manage our health under all circumstances.

(This article originally written in Tamil by Maria Belsin has been reproduced in English by P S Ramamurthy)