3-minute exercises will provide energy for the whole day

3-minute exercises will provide energy for the whole day
3-minute exercises will provide energy for the whole day

The life of younger generation goes on with waking up late in the morning, hurriedly bathing, dressing, reaching office with incomplete breakfast, working wearily the whole day, on returning home chatting the whole night on facebook, going to bed late night and then wake up late the next morning and this keeps repeating week after week. Extreme workload at office and eventual fatigue make them yearn for the weekends anxiously. Week end galas and holiday celebrations and relaxing all come to an end at the start of the week on Monday. Then it repeats - the same weariness, fatigue and tiresomeness. Most of them do not even find to do yoga. One can get rid of weariness due to work burden by means of simple exercises just from the workplace itself. Let us know those instant energy tips.

Take a sitting posture, keeping the spine erect. Slide the head slowly from left to right so that the right ear should touch the right shoulder. In a similar fashion now try from right to left. Repeat it for five times.

Keep the head straight.  Then slowly bend the neck forward little by little, breathing the air out. Then slowly raise the neck to its normal position, taking in the air. Repeat it for ten times. Sitting in the same position for a prolonged period leads to rigidity of muscles. This exercise will help relax the muscles.

Using both the thumbs apply pressure above the eyebrows on the forehead for a minute.  It helps relieving of fatigue amidst workload.

Join the index and middle fingers together of both the hands and keep them on either side of the face, and keep massaging the whole face.  It helps in disappearance of weariness found on the face and also its paleness. 

Roll the eye balls from left to right and also up and down for five times. Then roll them like number 8 for two minutes. It helps in removing black rings and shrinks around the eyes and also weariness of eyes. 

Rub both the palms together that leads to generation of heat in between. Immediately keep both the palms on the face, covering it and also the eyes, for 5-8 seconds. This helps in removing tiredness and hence refreshing the eyes and face.

Take hold of a pen in front of you and look at it, keeping it 10 cm away from your eyes. Then look at again at a distance of 1 foot, followed by looking at an object 10 feet away. Repeat it for 10 times. It facilitates the focus abilities of both the eyes and also refreshes the nerves of eyes.

Keeping the spine erect, bend the head backward and forward ten times each. Then keeping the head straight open your mouth and move the lower jaw on the sides from left to right. This helps in relieving the shoulders from muscle tightness. 

Clutch the teeth as if you are pronouncing alphabet ‘E’ and then take in the air through mouth and send it out through nose for ten times. It helps cooling the inner part of the mouth which will activate the brain

Keep a short break in between the work and take a stroll in the premises. Drink water and fresh fruit juices instead of coffee and tea, avoiding caffeine intake. 

(This article written in Tamil by V M Prasanna Venkatesh has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)