Amla to Turmeric - Natural food products that protect liver

Amla to Turmeric - Natural food products that protect liver
Amla to Turmeric - Natural food products that protect liver

Amla to Turmeric - Natural food products that protect liver

Till the affliction of liver related diseases most of us do not think about the importance of keeping the organ healthy and functional. Do you know that whatever we eat or consume (or even inject) will reach liver in one form or another? What we consumed last as a food or the cool drink that we consumed after completing a task or what we took as medicine, all these would have already reached the liver in order to be metabolized. It metabolizes all that the body is ingested with through different routes. That is why it is primarily important to consume food products that benefit our liver and we should strictly avoid products that would affect it, endangering our life. This is what clinicians emphasize. 

Research findings inform that food products such as grapes, Vishnugranthi (Evolvulus alsinoides), ginger, turmeric, amla, walnut, beetroot and egg help in protecting the liver and its functions and particularly they are protective against NAFLD, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that happens after forty, in general. Onion and garlic, having high volatile compounds help in purification of liver by removing toxic substances in the body. Let us read about some of the food products that detoxify and protect liver and its functions. However, those who suffer from liver related diseases are recommended to consult doctors towards using these food products.

Ginger enhances the taste of food we prepare. Further, it plays a key role in protecting liver. It regulates digestive system and facilitates in metabolism of the food products we consume. Those who suffer from Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are encouraged to include ginger in their food daily without fail.

Amla (Nellikkai)
Amla rejuvenates liver. It is used in Ayurvedhic practice towards curing inflammation of liver. It also helps in curing jaundice. It has the ability to bring down the level of cholesterol in the blood, a condition of hypolipidemia, thereby reducing the burden of liver in metabolism. 

Omega-3 rich foods
In order to protect liver it is recommended to take omega-3 rich products in our daily food. It is rich in seer fish, egg and walnut. Fat accumulation in liver during triglyceride synthesis can be prevented by omega-3 rich products. There is a research going in relation to this aspect. Some of the hyperlipidemic subjects were treated with 5 ml of omega-3 fatty acid, twice daily for 24 weeks. At the end of the experiment it was found out through ultrasonagram that the fatty accumulation was removed by omega-3 treatment.

Fragrant food products
The fragrant food products such as onion and garlic help in protecting liver through their volatile active compounds. The reason for their fragrance is due to the presence of sulphur. It helps in secretion of liver enzymes. These are the enzymes that help liver in detoxifying the poisons in the body. 

Some are not tolerant towards the smell of sulphur in onion and garlic. Therefore they can eat other vegetables having sulphur compounds without having any strong smell. Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are also rich in sulphur. The glucosinolates present in them facilitate secretion of liver enzymes that in turn remove toxic substances in the body.

Polyphenols and anthocyanins are richly present in strawberries. They act against inflammation and tumors and they are powerful anti-oxidants too. They prevent liver in accumulating fats, thereby protecting the organ.

Flavonoids, a kind of colorant, present in beetroot help in protecting liver. Drinking beetroot juice will protect our body from carcinogens that could lead to cancer. Prolonged consumption of beetroot will protect us from liver damage.

Sour grapes are rich in fiber content. It helps in proper functioning of intestines and also to excrete poisonous substances in the liver. Naringenin, a kind of anti-oxidant, helps in removing fat accumulation in the liver.

 Tea prepared using Vishnugranthi is good for liver. They are also used with salads too. Its seeds contain Silymarin, which is an anti-oxidant and also there are colorants that bring down inflammation of liver. They are able to remove toxic substances in the liver and also help in preventing liver damage due to prolonged use of Tylenol. They facilitate regeneration of liver cells and therefore able to rejuvenate liver and its functions.

A list of natural food products having many health benefits will surely include turmeric. Turmeric is used in treating liver diseases extensively in Ayurvedhic system of medicine and also by Chinese traditional medicine for centuries.  It contains an active ingredient, Curcumin. It protects liver from fat accumulation. Besides, there are many concoctions of juices and tea preparations that help in purifying and protecting liver and its functions.

Colorful Juice
Required items: Carrot – 3, cucumber (small) – 1, lemon – ½ , Apple – 1

Method of preparation

Make juice by mixing all the above products. The juice should be consumed before the anti-oxidants disintegrate and lose their potential. Liver gets purified by drinking the juice twice daily.

Lemon – Green tea
Prepare half a cup of green tea and cool it down. To it add half lemon juice. Mix a banana with it. Liver is purified if it is consumed daily. Green tea contains an antioxidant called EGCG, which helps in protecting liver.

Ginger-turmeric juice
To half a cup of water, add half a teaspoon of turmeric, a small piece of ginger and, half lemon juice. Mix them together. Drinking it purifies liver and intestines and removes bile stones. 

We do not really care about our liver that plays a key role in metabolism and removal of toxic substances in the body. We tend to damage it by wrong food and other habits as we are not aware of the fact that everything the body exposed to is treated by liver. And it is highly essential to protect it and its function and also to facilitate it by not accumulating fat and toxic substances within. Let us protect it before it is getting damaged, leading to major diseases, by following the food practices mentioned above.  

(This article originally written in Tamil by AkilKumar has been reproduced by V Amalan Stanley)

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