Milk, onion extract, castor oil - 9 ways to beautify eyebrow

Milk, onion extract, castor oil - 9 ways to beautify eyebrow
Milk, onion extract, castor oil - 9 ways to beautify eyebrow

The worries of the modern world are different now. It is not the worry of not paying the electricity bill or any other monthly bills on time, avoiding the penalty, but it is the worry of not threading the eye brows for a week or so that is bothering the youngsters heavily nowadays. It’s not only with the young women but the older women too who remain anxious about keeping themselves aesthetically presentable. There are also people who are anxious about the poor growth of eye brows who dream to have at least a streak of eye brows. Yes, there are ways and means to facilitate rich and beautiful eyebrows. 

Purpose of eyebrows

It is rare to find a person who does not appreciate the beautiful eyebrows of the actor, Karthika. Similarly with actor Vijaykanth who looks awesome as he raises his eyebrows when raged with anger on the screen. A beauty of the eyes is only known by the lovers and eyebrows are the crowns of beautiful eyes. Scientifically, they are created to protect the eyes from sun rays, dust and sweats, thereby preventing lowering of eyesight. There are a few whose eyebrows are sparse and others who witness shedding off eyebrows, making them worry about looking odd. 

Reason for falling of eyebrows

Clinically, unusual falling or shedding of eyebrows is termed Superciliary madarosi. It may be due to skin related infectious diseases, leprosy or due to heritable genetic abnormalities, lack of thyroxin hormone, side effects after chemotherapy against cancer, intensive use of cosmetics causing dermatitis and also due to auto-immune diseases. 

Natural home remedies to protect eyebrows

Castor oil

Using cotton, rub the eyebrows with castor oil and wash it off after 30 minutes. Continue this practice for six weeks. Castor oil helps in the growth of eyebrows.

Coconut oil

Before going to bed, rub the eyebrows with coconut oil and wash it in the morning. It prevents the loss of protein in the hair follicles. A presence of Lauric acid in it protects the eyebrow hair follicles from germs, facilitating growth. 

Olive oil

Using fingers apply olive oil to the eyebrows and gently massage them. Wash it after two hours. Hair growth will be seen if it is continued for two weeks. A presence of vitamin E in olive oil nourishes the hair follicles and presence of vitamin A helps in the sebam generation, a natural oil secreted by the body.

Almond oil

Rub the eyebrows with almond oil before going to bed and wash it off in the next morning. A presence of vitamin A, C and E helps in hair growth.


Rub the eyebrows using aloe gel and wash it off after 30 minutes. It helps in quick growth of hairs. 

Onion extract

Prepare an extract using an onion and add to it a spoonful of lemon juice and three spoons of water. Rub the eyebrows with the extract. It will facilitate hair growth. It can be followed thrice a week. A presence of sulfur in the extract prevents hair fall.

Yellow yolk

Rub the eyebrows with egg yolk and wash it off after 20 minutes. It can be followed thrice a week. The presence of biotin in it favors hair growth.


Using cotton, rub the eyebrows with milk and wash it off after 15 minutes. Continue this practice for six months, which will help in the proper growth of eyebrows.

Hibiscus leaf

The leaves of Hibiscus can be ground and be applied to eyebrows for hair growth.

Eyebrow transplant

It is difficult to grow eyebrows through natural methods for those who suffer from heritable genetic abnormalities or diseases like leprosy. This technology of transplantation, where the hair growth in other parts of the body is cut along with the tissues underneath and planted on the eyebrow regions, is a blessing for them. Hair growth from the back of the head and other body parts is soft and therefore used for transplantation. 

It is carried out by the professionally qualified cosmetologists who are experts in cosmetology. Through this method the eyebrows can be shaped as per your wish. The process of transplantation requires 3-4 hours and there are rarely any side effects. There will be white particles in the transplanted part for 3-4 days and the place will look red for a short duration. You can resume office or job within a week as ever before. As the transplant is sourced from the back of the head, the hairs need trimming for every 15 days to prevent the dense growth of eyebrows. The cost of transplantation will be about rupees 35,000/- based on the number of hair follicles being transplanted. Within six months you can once again happily go around with your transplanted beautiful eyebrows, bragging about your comeback, more charming than before.

(This article written in Tamil by Abirami Nellaikumar has been reproduced in English by V Amalan Stanley)