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Is it possible for a common man to create wealth?


If a common man is properly guided to invest in mutual funds, it is possible to create wealth in lakhs and crores. This can be explained with a real life example.

Meet Iyyanar who is working in an insurance company office, in Puducherry. His take home salary is Rs 4500/ only. He has made good profits by systematic investment in mutual funds. Let us listen to what he wants to share:

“I have known Sri  Rajasegarane  for many years. Once when we were talking, he asked me about my family and enquired if I had saved any amount for my 3 daughters’ education and subsequent marriage. I said I had not saved anything and would do something when the time comes. Rajasekaran said this is wrong.

He said I should set aside a small amount for my daughters’ future needs. I asked him if any savings was possible with my  meager  income. He  suggested that I should save Rs.100 per girl child per month. I wanted to know if he was suggesting insurance or postal savings.
Rajasekaran is a  chartered financial planner. As a personal financial planner his  strength  lies in how easily he can explain the most complex investment plan. He explained the concept of investment in mutual funds. He told me how it was more profitable than any other investment plan."

"I agreed, and with a little hesitation I started implementing his suggestion by a monthly investment of Rs.150 each for my 3 daughters in Reliance Mutual Fund. For the next 5 years I continued with this monthly investment plan, irrespective of the rise or fall in the equity market. Rajasegarane kept assuring me that I will earn profits and he was right. After 5 years I realized I had invested Rs. 27000 and my returns showed Rs 38,875. I had made a profit of Rs. 11,875.”
We congratulated him on his 14% profit margin but he said there is more. He continued:

“After 5 years Rajasegarane insisted that I should now invest Rs.300 per month per girl child. I refused but he was firm. He said that he would renew the SIP only if I agreed to increase my monthly investment to 300 per girl child. I was stubborn in my refusal but he was adamant too. 6 months went by before I realized   I was making a mistake."

"I went to Rajasegarane and agreed to increase the monthly amount to Rs.300. Till date, the SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is working for me.

My investment per girl child is Rs.16850 and the returns show a handsome Rs.40,362. A clear profit of Rs. 23,512 per girl child. The profit earned is about 24%. Also, since I have invested in an equity linked plan, I enjoy total income tax exemption on the profit earned.”

“Today my daughters Aarthy(17), Ilampirai(15) and Amuda(13) are grown up and the small investment made by me for each of them has grown very well too. I can proudly say that I am a living example for those who earn small salaries and aspire to make good profits by investing small amounts in Systematic Investment Plans. I am very glad and eternally grateful to my personal financial consultant  Shri Rajasegarane, for his guidance and firmness when I seemed to hesitate.”

Do we have to say more to get you started in a suitable Systematic Investment Plan?

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