Sexual monsters + bigwigs of ruling party - Pollachi video throws us in deep-shock

Sexual monsters + bigwigs of ruling party - Pollachi video throws us in deep-shock
Sexual monsters + bigwigs of ruling party - Pollachi video throws us in deep-shock

“I came with you because I trusted you as a friend… Why are you doing this to me… Please, let me go” screams that young girl as she cries. Regardless of her pleas, that monster goes on to rip her clothes off and waves at his friend (who is hidden behind) to record the video. The girl agonized in shock and shame after the sudden entry of a group of men. The girl pleads at everyone’s feet, keeping her hands across the chest to save her modesty. But, all her pleads went to vain in the end; no one shows mercy on her as they ravished her body. 

This is just a sample of thousands of heart breaking videos of women screaming and crying their eye out as they were being raped and ravished by those monsters. The videos certainly creates a rage in the heart; “How do we punish these monsters?”

Sexual monsters + bigwigs of ruling party - Pollachi video throws us in deep-shock

We carried a report on ‘hideous extortion of money from hundreds of women by blackmailing them with the videos recorded during when they were molested’ in the last week’s Junior Vikatan edition. Police has now arrested four men from that mob; Thirunavukarasu (26), Sabari Rajan know as Rishvanth (25), Sathish (28), Vasanthakumar (24). Additionally, Police had arrested four more men who allegedly attacked the brother of the complainant girl. But, they are out on bail now. In this circumstances, it has been now exposed that not just four, a group of at least 20 men are doubted to be involved in molesting hundreds of women and video recording them for the past seven years which also includes bigwigs of ruling party. The details are traumatising as we investigate deeper.

Police has seized more than fifty video recordings from those who were arrested. But, IPS officers from Kongu region are silent as the grave even after so many shocking revelation of a heinous crime. Despite Supreme Court’s absolute bar on identity disclosure of rape victims, Press release by Coimbatore SP office clearly mentions the complainant girl’s name and details of her place (area). The details itself seem to be intimidating the complainant (victim) indirectly. If a heinous crime such as this had taken place in a city like Chennai or Delhi, the issue would have taken enormously wider range of attention. Unfortunately, it has happened in a small Town area; Hence, there is not much reaction from the rest of this union. At the same time, locals allege that the Police and bigwigs of ruling party are very careful to keep the issue in a low light.

Attack on the aggrieved party!

Brother of the complainant was attacked by a mob and the Police had arrested Senthil (33), Babu (26), Vasanthakumar (20), Nagaraj (26) for intimidating the brother of the complainant. Out of those four arrested, Nagaraj is Secretary of 34th ward Jayalalithaa Peravai, Pollachi. All the four men who were arrested for intimidating the aggrieved party has come out on bail in just three days after the arrest. This gives the raise to a question ‘How would other victims dare to come out to file a complaint?’ Opposition parties including DMK have protested demanding the case to be investigated by CB-CID. Even though, parties other than BJP and ADMK have come together and raised their voice in this issue, the way it has been handled by Police seems nothing more than an eyewash.

Even though it has been more than a week since the issue had come out, SP is yet to visit the place of the commission of the crime. Police has not yet taken custody of the four accused who were arrested. In a video released by Thirunavukarasu before the arrest, who was hiding from Police later arrested, has given testimony that ‘this issue involves many; including politicians. truth will come out only if CB-CID investigates the issue’. The fact that the accused himself wants CB-CID probe in this issue leaves us to another important the question ‘Who are behind this network?’

Sexual monsters + bigwigs of ruling party - Pollachi video throws us in deep-shock

A net of 20!

Vikatan reached out to Police and political circles of Pollachi regarding this issue “This mob includes approximately 20 men. With the help of ruling party, they have their hands in distribution of Television cable and running ‘Bar’ on lease. But, extorting money from women by blackmailing them is the main business for them. It is well-knitted network. They roam around in expensive cars and bikes wearing expensive clothes with a appearance of filmstars. They execute their perfect plan by speaking to the girls nicely and flawlessly and make the girls to fall in love with them.

Young girls who are much into Social Media are their main target. They have used many techniques to make the girls fall into their trap. First of all, they create fake facebook id in a female name and befriended to girls and share their personal issues with those girls. Subsequently, they start asking some doubts regarding bodily lust. Girls thinking those men as ‘girls like them’ start answering to their doubts. They slowly start talking about Lesbian relationship and calling the girls who are seduced by their words. If any of that girls agree, the men will finally show their face and blackmail them that they will post ‘whatever they have’ on facebook. They have trapped many young girls by using this technique. 

“Amma, this is your Daughter-in-law!”

On the other side, they take mobile numbers from the girls who are introduced to them through relatives and friends and start talking to them in the tag of friendship or love. To make the girls to trust them, they take the girls to the farm houses and make the old women working in those farms to act as their ‘mother’ and introduce the girls to their ‘fake’ mother that ‘she is your Daughter-in-law’. The girls eventually start trusting them and go out with them wherever they please. Either in the name of friend or lover, there will be only one who single handedly stage the whole act ‘infront of her’. They take the girls to the places like coconut farms and farm Banglows or Resort in Cars where no one will be seen around. The ‘trusted friend’ will turn into a monster as soon as they enter into a room and start ravishing the girl.

A mob will be hiding in the room beforehand and video record it. Eventually, the mob will join with the ‘trusted friend or lover’ rape that girl and video-record it. If that girl is rich, the mob will extort money by blackmailing her with the video recorded. If the girl is poor, the mob will continue sexually exploiting her; send her to the politicians and big shots to be sexually exploited in exchange to get their things by those big shots. From school girls to married women, many have fallen into their trap as a prey” as they explained the whole plot, they also gave us a pinch of the victims who come from different backgrounds.

“At least 200 women have fallen into their trap including Woman correspondent of a well known school, a professor, two +2 students. Wives of two high class doctors are also among them. They have extorted approximately one and a half crore rupees from one and 50 lakh rupees from another woman. One of these young men’s (in the mob) relative is a nurse. She knows all about this mob. A mentally challenged girl was intoxicated and raped. When the girl became pregnant, the nurse helped them to abort the baby. In and around of Pollachi, seven young girls have committed suicide in the last one year. All those cases were closed stating love failure, stomach pain as the reasons for the suicide. But, we now doubt whether this mob is behind those suicides.

Sexual monsters + bigwigs of ruling party - Pollachi video throws us in deep-shock

Support of the ruling party!

Sons of a Bigshot (who has a town name as a prefix) from ruling party are also doubted to be involved. Inter alia, younger son of that Bigshot was caught by the crowd when he tried to sexually assault a girl near Valparai (after the girl started screaming). But, he escaped from the place. It is also murmured that another Bigshot of municipality who is a womanizer also has a part in this crime. For this reasons, opposition parties have demanded to transfer the case to CB-CID. Only BJP and ADMK have not supported this protest. This increases the doubts further. This issue might affect the ruling party in the Kongu region as general elections are ahead. That is why Police wants to keep this issue silent” explains us the agitated people.

Opposition party has raised doubt on Police department that ‘Police has recovered all the videos and has started steps to extort money from the people involved in the crime’. 

“People of Pollachi are devastated after hearing this news. In an Audio release by Thirunavukarasu before his arrest, he has said that ‘political contacts are involved in this crime. I will expose them even if I die. Police, Media, Opposition leader Stalin should stand by me and give solidarity’. Therefore, there is a talk around Pollachi that ruling party is involved in this issue. But, Thirunavukarasu who was arrested was not investigated regarding the audio released by him. Police wants to whitewash the truth. Police has to take severe action who are involved in this crime.” Commented Southern District DMK Deputy Chief Thendral Selvaraj.

We got in touch with the Coimbatore SP Pandiarajan regarding this issue. “Police is handling this issue very well. Three accused were arrested as soon as the victim raised the complanit. Thirunavukarasu who was hiding from us was also arrested, subsequently. Besides, four friends of Thirunavukarasu who intimidated brother of the complainant were also arrested. The issue is very sensitive. It would not be appropriate to release details such as (the data of) numbers of videos seized. Girls who were affected by this mob should definitely come out and raise complaint against them. Only then, crimes such as this could be prevented. There is no political intervention or pressure” he said.

Meanwhile, we have come to know that the Police has decided to arrest the four under Goondas Act to save ruling party members. 

It is Police department’s duty to ensure the safety of the women in the society. Tamil Nadu government’s dignity is seated on leaving the Police department to take action honestly and independently without curbing their hands.

* * * * * * *

Pollachi MP from ADMK party, Mahendran said, “This crime is unpardonable. No one in their good conscience would support this kind of an act. The news about the involvement of the ruling party is a rumour and not true. ‘Bar’ Nagarajan who was arrested for intimidating brother of the complainant to withdraw the complaint is ADMK’s bottom level cadre. Whoever did this cruelty should be punished. I have met and advised Coimbatore SP personally to charge the accused with the provisions to the extent to get them the capital punishment. We would definitely get the guilty a severe punishment.” 

This article has been written by PunniyaMoorthy and Xavier Selvakumar and has been translated in english by Ramani Mohanakrishnan. You can read the tamil version of the same here.