10 Best Cycles Under 10000 In India (2022) - Buyer’s Guide


To stay healthy and fit, you must engage in physical exercise. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, and arthritis are among diseases that can be avoided with regular exercise. A daily ride on your bicycle is one of the most effective steps towards reducing the risk of health problems that come tagged alongside a sedentary lifestyle. This article will teach you more about cycling and decathlon cycles, as well as the advantages of riding. The post will also include information on the best cycles for adults under Rs. 10,000, the best cycles for kids under Rs. 10,000, and some more details.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall – Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle

Geekay Mountain Bicycle is the best cycle under 10000 in India that is built on a sturdy frame to offer a leisure riding position. The tires of this cycle give superior grip on the road. The brake is powerful, stable, and safe. Moreover, this cycle also offers a great design, double-wall alloy rims, aerodynamic design, comfortable saddle, and much more.

Best Budget – Lifelong LLBC1601 Mybuddy Cycle 16T 

Available at a price of Rs. 4,399, the Lifelong MyBuddy Cycle is the best budget cycle available under Rs. 10,000. It offers a fresh look with the stylish design, robust frame, handle grip, spoke guard, pre-fitted stand, padded saddle, ergonomically designed high handlebar, soft rubber grips and lightweight frame – all of which allow greater impact resistance on rough roads.

Best Sturdiness – Geekay Unisex Hashtag Non-Gear Cycle

This bike has a sleek, fashionable, and elegant design that can let you conquer any road or trail with ease. The frame is designed to be aerodynamic in order to decrease air friction. The mountain bike has a steel frame and supersized all-terrain knobby tires in si6″, 27.5″, and 29″. For maximum road performance, it comes with lightweight, high-tensile rims. It also has High-Quality Anti-Rust Coating double-wall alloy rims, High-Quality double disc brakes on both front and rear wheels, and an adjustable saddle, among other features.

Best Control – Hero Sprint Growler 26T 

The Hero Sprint Growler 26T is a four-wheeled adventure vehicle. The cycle comes equipped with a gearbox that has high and low range settings to allow you to ride your bike on steep slopes easily while reducing fatigue. Thanks to the floating mudguards, this bicycle is comfortable for both city commuting and off-road excursions. The front of the bike has dual fork suspension, which gives a smooth ride over difficult terrain. It has a comfortable handlebar and mechanical disc brakes for improved handling. The frame of this bike provides good structural support and the XR paddles of this bike provide non-slip leg support for delivering efficient physical force.

Find Out The 10 Best Cycles Under 10000 In India

Cycling has garnered the attention of the transportation and environmental sectors due to its numerous benefits over motorised transportation. Cycling is an excellent method to keep active while exercising. It can help you live a more emotionally and physically healthier existence. Cycling to work or the shop is one of the most convenient ways to get regular exercise into your day. Some of the major benefits of cycling are:

  • Cycling is a great method to rev up your fat-burning metabolism. Morning rides can help your body become more skilled at using food and fat as fuel, which will help you lose weight.
  • Cycling improves the overall function of the lower body while also strengthening leg muscles without overstretching them. The quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves are the muscles that are addressed.
  • Cycling is one technique for avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and the associated health risks. It can help avoid cardiac disorders such as strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. Cycling can also help with type 2 diabetes prevention and therapy.
  • Cycling is a great alternative to other modes of transportation that need a lot of time stuck in traffic. This is especially useful if you’re going somewhere that’s a bit too far to walk but not far enough to drive.

Summary Of The 10 Best Cycles Under 10000 In India

The expert team of TNIE has made your search easier by mentioning below the price-cum-rank list of the best cycles under 10000 in India in 2021. This list has been prepared after exhaustive research of various factors for better decision-making by our readers.

S No.Product NamePrice (in Rs.)
1Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle8,000
2Hero Sprint Growler 26T 11,209
3Lifelong LLBC1601 Mybuddy Cycle 16T 3,373
4Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Cycle4,599
5Hercules Flunk HT 26T Single Speed Road Cycle10,680
6Geekay Unisex Hashtag Non-Gear Cycle7,499
7Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle8,299
8BSA Photon Ex With Bar End Bicycle8,999
9Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle7,399
10Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle12,949

A Complete List Of The 10 Best Cycles Under 10000 In India

With so many options available in the market, choosing one perfect product that meets both our budget and requirements can be a hassle. Therefore, in this section we will be elaborating all the details about the 10 best cycles under 10000 in India for our readers:

1. Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle

This is a Single Speed Mountain Bicycle available from Geekay. Mountain bikes have a robust frame and are intended to provide a comfortable riding position. The Mountain Bicycle comes with a set of tires that provide excellent traction on the road, as well as a powerful, sturdy, and safe brake. With this bike, which is designed for off-road and on-road cycling, one may spend some downtime with nature while out on the road. This MTB- Hashtag is sleek, modern, and fashionable, and it’s ready to go on any road or trail. The mountain bike’s steel frame is aerodynamically built to decrease air friction.

  • Price –  INR 8,000
  • Brand – Geekay
  • Bike Type – Road Bike, Mountain Bike
  • Wheel Size – 27.5 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 17 inches
  • Brakes – Disc brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 72% 5-star rating and 21% 4-star rating
It has double-wall alloy rims for better durability.The front rim gets bent even after a few uses.
The saddle height can be easily adjusted with quick height and attractive grips.The disc brake mess creates a lot of noise while being applied and does not work properly at all times.
The wide tires provide excellent roll and cushioned rides for longer journeys.
The dual disc brakes offer enhanced safety and ensure better stability.

2. Hero Sprint Growler 26T 

This ergonomic bike is worked to deal with an assortment of testing landscapes effortlessly. It incorporates a high and low reach transmission that makes cycling on steep slopes less debilitating. It’s great for both city driving and rough terrain outings on account of the drifting curved guards. The hardtail edge of this bicycle is solid and lightweight, and it offers great primary help. It includes a solid plan that permits the rider to go longer without being hindered. The XR paddles give non-slip leg backing to convey extreme actual power. All of this adds to it being probably the best bike under 15,000.

  • Price –  INR 11,209
  • Brand – Hero
  • Bike Type – Mountain Bike
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches
  • Suspension – Front
  • Frame Size – 17 inches
  • Brakes – Dual disc brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 61% 5-star rating and 24% 4-star rating
The bicycle has a twin fork suspension at the front, providing a smooth ride on uneven terrains.The product does not come assembled for many areas making it more hassle for customers.
It has the highest speed bar of 21, making long journeys look effortless.The front gears often do not shift properly making it non-stable.
There are dual disc brakes for better control.
The frame is made of hardtail steel, making it durable.

3. Lifelong LLBC1601 Mybuddy Cycle 16T 

Since they come 85% fabricated, lifetime cycles are easy to introduce. Having the ideal bicycle will have a major effect, regardless of whether you’re looking for a bicycle to fulfill your wellness destinations or to astonish your youngster. They are accessible in an assortment of shadings and sizes to meet your requirements and incorporate highlights, for example, MTB tires, a strong casing, and a comfortable seat. It’s no surprise that Lifelong continues to attract millions of clients with over 100 creative items. For over five years, steadfast clients have set their confidence in us. This is one of India’s top bicycles under 10,000, planned only for your wellness.

  • Price –  INR 3,373
  • Brand – Lifelong
  • Bike Type – Road Bike
  • Wheel Size – 16 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 12 inches
  • Brakes – Caliper brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 60% 5-star rating and 24% 4-star rating
The handlebar has a high grip made up of rubber for comfortable long rides.The distributor network is poor, leading to substandard after-sales service.
The cycle is fitted with side supports for extra safety.The build quality is poorly evidenced by damaged pedal threading, and brakes are very loose, leading to safety concerns.
The high tensile steel frame with ergonomic design helps increase durability.
The seat and wires saddle has a quick release adjustment with a clamp assembly.

4. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Cycle

The single-speed transmission mode on this child’s bicycle ensures a smooth and hassle-free ride. It is appropriate for children aged 7 to 9 years. A pleasant riding experience is provided by the adjustable saddle and robust handlebar. The bicycle is built to keep the rider safe. It includes a decorative metal chain guard that protects you from getting hurt. The pedals provide non-slip foot support when biking. The mudguards keep dirt and other microscopic particles from flying towards the child.

  • Price –  INR 4,599
  • Brand – Hero
  • Bike Type – Kids Bike
  • Wheel Size – 20 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 12 inches
  • Brakes – Caliper brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 57% 5-star rating and 28% 4-star rating
The cycle is built with a high-density steel frame which provides strong and sturdy support.There are multiple complaints about the braking system, and a few important nut bolts often go missing in the box.
It has got one of the best customer care services, and overall build quality is durable.Cycle stands and reflectors are not provided in the box which is considered basic equipment.
It is a value for money as it is available for 3,000 making it one of the best cycles under 10000.
The cycle comes with 85% assembly making it easy for customers to install it themselves.

5. Hercules Flunk HT 26T Single Speed Road Cycle

Hercules brings us a lightweight cycle bearing a front suspension. Allen key and spanner are provided in the box, and it provides superior air brakes for better safety while the pedals give better stability. The suspension helps the cycle to explore any terrain- be it rough or smooth. It has rear reflectors for an all-time drive.

  • Price –  INR 10,680
  • Brand – Hercules
  • Bike Type – Road Bike, Mountain Bike
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches
  • Suspension – Front
  • Frame Size – 17 inches
  • Brakes – Disc brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 53% 5-star rating and 31% 4-star rating
The cycle comes with 85% assembly making the installation hassle-free.Front-wheel and disc brakes often rub against each other, creating friction.
The dual disc brakes are a definite value for money.The seat height is being put at an unreasonable position hindering easy access drives around the city.
Even after a few dents, the cycle can boast of superior build quality.
The inside plastic is also hard built, making it durable.

6. Geekay Unisex Hashtag Non-Gear Cycle

A bike, frequently known as a bicycle or cycle, is a solitary track, human-or engine controlled vehicle with two wheels coupled to an edge, one behind the other. Transportation, bike driving, and utility cycling are largely normal uses for bikes. Bicycling is additionally considered to be a game and a sort of activity. A solitary speed bike is one that has just one stuff proportion. These bikes don’t have derailleur gears, center point outfitting, or some other method for switching the gear proportion. While most fixed-gear bikes are in fact single-speed, the name “single-speed” alludes to a bike with a solitary stuff proportion and a drifting framework.

  • Price –  INR 7,499
  • Brand – Geekay
  • Bike Type – Road Bike
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 18 inches
  • Brakes – Disc brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 49% 5-star rating and 24% 4-star rating
The Hashtag comes with double-wall alloy rims for ultimate road performance.The disc brakes are often not aligned properly.
The high-quality dual disc brakes for stable and quick braking.The mudguards and paddles are not built in a better environment leading to damages even after frequent usage.
Easily adjustable saddle height with quick release provides a stable ride.
The bike ships at 85% assembly, thereby helping customers to install themselves only, and all this makes it one of the best cycles under 10000 in India for adults.

7. Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle

This cycle is being labelled as both road and mountain bike and is super lightweight, fitted with 26-inch wheels. According to the company, it is suitable for adults even with a body weight of more than 90 kg and tall heights. Being priced at INR 6,699, it can easily be considered as one of the best cycles under 10000 in India.

  • Price –  INR 8,299
  • Brand – Hercules
  • Bike Type – Road Bike, Mountain Bike
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 18 inches
  • Brakes – U brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 51% 5-star rating and 18% 4-star rating
The cycle comes 85% assembled from the manufacturer, leaving little customer hassles.Not all essential tools are included, like assembly clips to secure reflectors on wheels.
It is provided with state-of-the-art plastic, which makes it durable and long-lasting.Manual provided with cycle misses out on critical steps for installation.
It is provided with a stand and reflectors within the box leading to a better customer experience overall.
It is a single-speed cycle with a high saddle, providing safer and comfortable long journeys.

8. BSA Photon Ex With Bar End Bicycle

BSA provides a simple, lightweight classic frame cycle with enhanced riding comfort. It is additionally fitted with thin white-walled durable nylon tires with a frame height of 21 inches. Also, it comes fitted with style bar ends for sporty looks with wheel and pedal reflectors. It is equipped with cantilever brakes, and the body is made of steel. Coming from the house of BSA and being priced at INR 9,000, it is definitely one of the best cycles under 15000.

  • Price –  INR 8,999
  • Brand – BSA
  • Bike Type – Road Bike
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 21 inches
  • Brakes – Cantilever brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 53% 5-star rating and 25% 4-star rating
The carrier weight is far more than 40 kgs, more than any average bicycle in India The imbalance in body structure may make it difficult for extreme body structures to ride on it.
The presence of slim tires gives it more speed with less effort. The cycle does not come assembled from the manufacturer, leaving hassles at the back end.
It is lightweight and comfortable, making regular and long journeys easier.
Build quality is superior, including parts and tools fitted alongside.

9. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

The Model 1.0 is the original traditional hybrid bicycle from OMO Bikes, designed for men, women, and adults aged 13 to 60. This bicycle makes a superb all-purpose city bicycle for men and women, especially those seeking a healthy lifestyle and biking after a few years, thanks to its timeless design, speed, and incomparable build quality. The most talked-about aspects of this model have been the design and appearance. The traditional black frame and brightly coloured rims are both stylish and eye-catching on the road. The inclination top tube makes it easier to get on and off the bike, making it suitable for children, adults, and elderly folks. To put it another way, this cycle never gets old.

  • Price –  INR 7,399
  • Brand – Omobikes
  • Bike Type – Hybrid Bike
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 18.5 inches
  • Brakes – U brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 48% 5-star rating and 24% 4-star rating
It has been equipped with a super comfortable saddle.The screws and metallic fittings are of low quality making it more maintenance bearing and reducing customer satisfaction.
Double alloy rims and lightweight tensile steel design helps in building good build quality.The rim easily breaks off, and the slightest jerks can destroy the alloy wheel, which is not covered under warranty.
The treaded tires offer long-life agility.
The stylish alloy lever brakes offer design and safety.

10. Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle

Voya is an Alloy Hybrid bike that offers the functionality of casual city cycling. This stylish bike is a great choice for a daily commute. It has a rigid alloy frame with alloy lightweight double-wall rims and nylon tires with butyl tubes. It’s ideal for people above 12 years, and it comes with an alloy studded side stand with rigid suspensions making it one of the best cycles under 15000.

  • Price –  INR 12,949
  • Brand – Firefox
  • Bike Type – Hybrid Bike, Commuting bike
  • Wheel Size – 28 inches
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Frame Size – 18 inches
  • Brakes – Linear pull brake
  • Ratings and Reviews – 52% 5-star rating and 14% 4-star rating
The first service offered by the company is for free of cost, quite unique at this price range.The additional parts often get damaged even after a single-use, and the company often refuses to replace them, creating unnecessary hassles.
Installation is super easy given that it comes mostly fitted from the company.It is ideal for people only when height is below 5 ft. 10 inches.
The fork and brakes are alloy hybrid built, making the body structure rigid enough.
The frame metal is made up of aluminium, giving further lightweight and durability.

How Can You Pick The 10 Best Cycles Under 10000 In India?

Purchasing a new bike may be a difficult affair, especially if you are unfamiliar with the subject. There are many different types of bikes on the market, but which one is best for you depends on your fitness goals and the region you want to explore. The following are some of the variables to consider when buying a new bicycle:-


In comparison to half-suspension (just front suspension) and no-suspension bikes, full-suspension bikes (front and rear shocks) can assist absorb shock and provide a smoother ride. However, a full-suspension bike is more expensive than the others.


Investing in a bike with the proper frame can boost your performance and allow you to ride for longer periods of time. A bicycle’s body is often composed of three types of materials: steel, carbon, and aluminium. Steel frames were used exclusively in the past since the material was both sturdy and inexpensive. They were, however, rather hefty. We now have bikes built of several lightweight materials such as carbon, aluminium, Chromoly, titanium, and carbon fibre. The prince changes according to the material. The use of carbon and aluminium is more common than that of other metals. Carbon frames are lightweight and robust, making them easier to operate.

Frame size

Many people who are in a hurry to acquire a bike for sale online neglect this element. However, the frame size is critical for you to feel comfortable and enjoy a lengthy ride. Your height determines your bike’s size. It’s advisable to take a test ride before deciding, so you don’t end up regretting it later.


There are various brakes, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Rim brakes were more prevalent a few years ago, but disc brakes now dominate the market. There are various additional types of brakes available; below are a few of the most prevalent.

Rim brakes: This presses the brake on the wheel rims’ sidewalls. They are simple to maintain, but they can wear down the wheel rim over time. Furthermore, it may be ineffective if the rim is damp or muddy.

Disc brakes: In this case, the disc prevents the braking rotor from gripping the wheel hub. In comparison to rim brakes, they are more difficult to replace. They do, however, perform well in any weather.

Coaster brakes: These brakes are less expensive to maintain and operate when you pedal backwards. This is ideal for downhill biking and for children.

Drum brakes: Drum brakes are low-maintenance and weather-resistant brakes that are incorporated into the wheel hub.

Handles shapes

The first thing to remember about handlebars is that they should be far enough away from the seat. Riding the bike with too much space between the two might be unpleasant. Aside from that, when it comes to choosing the proper bike, the form of the handlebars is also important.

Drop bar: A road bike is more likely to have this. It helps you bike faster since it is lightweight and aerodynamic. However, you must hunch a little, which may be uncomfortable.

Flat bar: Flat bars are found on most hybrid bikes. These bars prevent you from compromising your sitting position and help you feel more at ease.

Riser bar: These bars are slightly raised and pushed back, allowing you to sit further back while maintaining your balance. Mountain bikes have a lot of them.


If you are planning to ride your bicycle on the hills, you’ll want to go for a higher gear ratio. This helps you keep your balance while riding your bike and offers you more control. In general, bicycles have many gears, a wide range of gearing (lower gears making pedalling easier), and a wide variety of gear ratios. Bicycles with fewer gears are suggested for daily commutes.

Wheel size

In a certain type of bike, the wheel size is also consistent. Different wheel sizes are available on most mountain bikes. Mountain bike wheels come in two sizes: 29″ and 27.5″.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing 10 Best Cycles Under 10000 In India 

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about purchasing the 10 best cycles under 10000 in India.

1. Which is the best cycle for Indian roads?

All the 10 cycles listed above are equally good and useful for daily commute on Indian roads. You can go through the description and specifications of the cycles listed above to make the best purchasing choice.

2. Which cycle should a beginner buy?

Any cycle without the system of gears and would allow supporting wheels is an apt purchase for a beginner. 

3. Are gear cycles good for beginners?

No, our experts do not recommend gear cycles for beginners. These cycles are a little complex to drive and are more suitable for adults.

The Bottom Line

From the outside, cycling looks to be straightforward; all you have to do is pedal, right? It might be intimidating to get back on the bike after a few years if you’re brand new to it.

But we’re convinced that after you’ve taken your first ride, you’ll be hooked on the sense of freedom, adventure, and thrill that riding a bike provides. Starting is easier than it looks, and we’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to wear form-fitting apparel.

Simply be careful when required, particularly on congested roadways or in inclement weather. Take pleasure in the sense of success that comes from improving your fitness while having fun.

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